Thursday, 4 November 2010

Welcome to the Mekong Trailer Park

As individuals, we are both familiar with trailer parks having both been raised in them. But before we continue we would like to remind everyone that despite what some people around town are saying, we are not that trashy.

In our combined lifetimes, we've seen all the in's and out's of a typical park. We thought we've seen it all... until... we got the rare experience of visiting the most spectacular trailer park we've ever seen.

Each of these engineering marvels are comprised of empty metal barrels that are equivalent to tires in at least two other countries in the world. Each of these mobile homes come equipped with state-of-the-art holes in the floor which allow for the release of excrement. As well these toilets are high efficiency flow, which would arouse David Suzuki.

When questioning city councilors regarding the colour of the river, we were turned away by these military men.

Getting around the park:

 Not as simple as driving your John Deere lawn mower around.

Depending on the flow of the current, the corner store may no longer be on that same corner that you remember.

The park is very kid friendly. Check out the neighbourhood playground.

For you HGTV lovers, don't fret. There is electricity from 9am-2pm for you to get the latest scoop on hot fabrics to match your carpets with your drapes, and new landscaping ideas.

One thing we found in common with the parks we're used to, is that animals are always welcome.

Question: Why did the chicken cross the river?

The local petting farm for those school field trips.

In-ground fish pond.


We're glad that you could share this experience with us. Until next time!


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