Sunday, 31 October 2010

A tennis lesson to remember in Hoo Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We get to Vietnam. We are driven through the busy streets of Hoo Chi Minh. There are no Hoo Chi's as we expected. On the contrary, there are girls on motorbikes with long white dresses (Ow Yiiiy) with full length pants and shirts. How do they do it? We are sweating buckets while it seems llike the locals are a bit chilly. Just check this picture below. Four individuals huddle together on a motorbike to stay warm.

We get to the apartment and we are handed a tennis raquet. We were very excited as we have just started picking up the sport back home. It must be a national pastime as everyone owns one in their home and places of business. To our dismay, when we tried to use this racquet for it's obvious purpose, the metal wiring didn't seem to provide the spring and bounce of what we're used to. So we decided to inspect the racquet further which revealed some interesting features. Firstly, a switch for a flashlight--night tennis... and secondly, a red button that seemed to do nothing more than turn on this small red light. Using our high levels of intelligence we figured this button probably powered up the racquet for massive serves and returns! So we tried it. To our horror, the tennis ball sparked upon contact and caused a small fire. As you can see below, the small fire was raging quite wildly to burn Andy's tennis shirt off. Tennis shirts can be replaced.

Stay tuned for more.


Shivering mother of three and South East Asian Tennis Pro

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